Composting Machine ( Heavy Duty )

Composting Machine ( Heavy Duty )

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 Biggest Challenge in Indian Organic Waste Management – Moisture  Level in garbage

Mechanical Solutions:-

(2) Compressing

     We would like to present you our latest solution for bulk waste generators

    Model :- ECOFRIEND(S)

    Capacity:- 250 Kg/Hr. To 2000 Kg/Hr.About ECOFRIEND (S)

• ECOFRIEND(S) based on an aerobic composting method and follow all important basis of  aerobic composting
• It work on three step process
(2) Dewatering
(3) Curing


We have achieved  40 % of volume reduction on first two step process and another 25 % of volume reduction will be happen during curing process.

ECOFRIND(S) will make quality compost with good amount of nutritional value and final product can be sellable